Krasnodar, 14 February – Yug Times. The results of the development of Teuchezhsky district in 2023 were discussed in Adyghea last week. 

District Head Adam Udychak reported on the performance of the municipality at a session of the District Council of People's Deputies. In his report, he dwelt on the key indicators of socio-economic development of the area. In particular, he noted the fulfilment of the forecast industrial indicators by 113%. The revenue part of the consolidated budget amounted to 878 million roubles. The level of tax and non-tax revenues increased by more than 24%. 

It was noted that 40,700 tonnes of grain crops were harvested from 12,900 hectares of fields. The average yield was 3.2 tons per hectare. The gardeners harvested 7,500 tonnes of fruit and berries from the area of 605 hectares. Good indicators were achieved in cattle breeding: the number of cattle exceeded 1,800 heads, that of sheep and goats - 2,600, and poultry 48,100 heads. As part of the plan to revive rice farming, negotiations are underway with a new investor for the reconstruction of the pumping station.

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