Krasnodar, 14 February – Yug Times. After a heinous incident under the Yablonovsky Bridge, the suspect was remanded in custody. 

The man was charged with an offence against the sexual inviolability of a minor.

The investigator of the Takhtamukai Interdistrict Investigation Department in the Republic of Adygea charged the man with committing offences under Articles 131 and 132 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

- According to the investigation, on 2 February 2024 in the daytime in Yablonovsky, Takhtamukai district, under the bridge connecting Yablonovsky and Krasnodar, a man, threatening to murder and using violence, committed rape and violent acts of sexual nature against an underage girl," said the investigator. "At the request of the investigation, pretrial restrictions in the form of detention was chosen by the court in respect of the suspect." 

The investigators established that the man was previously convicted of rape and robbery, released from prison less than a month ago and arrived in Adyghea, where he stayed with his relatives.

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