Krasnodar, 13 February – Yug Times. Five engineering infrastructure facilities are being modernised in Sochi. The federal programme is to upgrade and increase the capacity of the Kudepsta, Bzugu, Lazarevskie, Dagomys and Magadan sewage treatment facilities. The issues of modernisation were discussed at a meeting held last week in the resort city under the chairmanship of by Aleksei Yeresko, Deputy Minister of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation."We are facing an important task to minimise the negative consequences of wastewater discharge into the Black Sea. Large-scale modernisation of sewage treatment facilities will make it possible to ensure sewage treatment and significantly improve the environmental situation in the tourist areas of the Krasnodar region. Funds have been allocated for the implementation of this task, and all facilities are currently at the design stage," said Aleksei Yeresko. 

The capacity increase as a result of modernisation will amount to 44%. Also there are plans to build a main collector to transfer sewage from the Dagomys complex to Bzugu, which will balance the load on the engineering infrastructure. Besides, the programme includes the construction of wastewater disposal networks in Sochi's Central District.

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