Krasnodar, 7 February – Yug Times. In Adyghea, 20 sections of community motorways will be repaired in 2024. 

Specialists of the "Adyghean Road Department have identified the particular sections of the forthcoming repairs. 

They were chosen taking into account their wear and tear and traffic congestion, residents' complaints, instructions of supervisory authorities, and the required inter-repair terms. 

Of the 20 sites planned for repair this year, four sites are located in Maikop district, four in Giaginsky district, three in Shovgenovsky district, three sites in Koshekhabl district, two in Teuchezhsky district, two in Takhtamukai distrct, and two in Krasnogvardeysky district. 

One of the longest facilities assigned for the forthcoming repair will be a 7.2-kilometre section of the community motorway "Approach to Tulsky village" in Maikop district. Almost 170 million roubles have been allocated for the repair of this road section. 

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