Krasnodar, 2 February – Yug Times. More than 900 southern plants will be reportedly planted in public gardens downtown Sochi this year, including cypresses, cherries, magnolias, camellias, yews, and honeysuckles. 

Now a lawn is being laid along the pavement, with saplings of sweetgum and ground-covering roses planted there. In total, 908 saplings will be planted. 

“Before starting the work in the gardens, the specialists examined all sites assigned for landscaping, and selected species that would feel well in these areas. They also took into account the sites where dry trees had been felled. All plants, which now we are planting in the streets, are perennial, so they will please the eyes of residents and guests of the city for a long while,” said Alekasandr Ginkovsky, Director of the Department of Environmental Protection, Forestry, Agriculture and Industry. 

It is also planned to complete the planting of 125 palm trees of Washingtonia filifera and Washingtonia robusta species by the end of the spring. Some of them have already been planted on Kurortny Avenue. Also the list of sites includes the transport interchange near the Central Stadium, where palm trees will be planted along the lane divider.

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