Krasnodar, 2 February – Yug Times. In 2023, the number of catering establishments in the Krasnodar region increased by 5.7%. According to analysts of the Kontur.Fokus service, the number of such facilities reached 10,700, of which 80.95% fell to restaurants, 14.13% – cafés, and the remaining 4.92% were bars. 

A similar trend was observed throughout the country – the structure of catering establishments was almost the same, and the number of such facilities increased by 9.8% to 191,800 since 2022. The period from January until December 2023 showed the highest growth (+6.68%). 

“The legislative requirements for the catering sector are becoming stricter; it has become more difficult to operate under ‘grey’ schemes, and the market is whitewashing itself – which is seen in the figures. For example, in 2023, labelling of dairy products and water was introduced – now, to comply with the norms, cash registers and respective software are needed. The growth of domestic tourism also helps catering to develop," says Yekaterina Berezovik, an expert of the Kontur.Market service system. 

The number of catering establishments in the Krasnodar region grew, because in 2023 they got registered by 1.2% more actively than in 2022. However, in reality the growth happened only in the restaurant segment. In 2023, more than 1,990 new restaurants opened, which was by 6.5% more compared to 2022. Bars and cafés began to open less frequently – by 14.8% and 12.6%, respectively. In addition, restaurants also proved to be the most sustainable businesses. Last year they were closed 13.4 per cent less often compared to 2022. Cafes and bars were closed 9.5 and 12.3% less often, respectively. Aleksandr Polidi, Doctor of Economics and Honoured Economist of Kuban, notes that the below-forty generation is now forming a stable demand for eating out, which pushes the market to open new catering establishments.

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