Krasnodar, 1 February – Yug Times. Inflation in the Republic of Adygea in December 2023 was almost 7.4%. The prices mainly rose due to the high consumer demand for certain goods and increased expenditures of the producers, the Central Bank experts stated. “In December, the price of chicken meat and eggs went up. This happened due to the reduction of their supply in the market after the outbreaks of poultry diseases in some supplying regions. In addition, poultry farmers’ expenditures for imported feed, veterinary drugs and logistics were growing," the experts said. 

Tomatoes and cucumbers were the vegetables whose price was increased fastest. The prices rose due to the increased costs for the purchase of equipment, plant protection products, and packaging. In addition, the greenhouse farms' electricity bills increased due to the severe cold weather in the supplying regions. Under these conditions, the producers added their costs to the price. The sharp cooling in the region after the abnormal warmth in December stimulated demand for knitwear. As a result, the price of children's knitted suits and mittens went up, and jumpers became not as cheap as usual.

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