Krasnodar, 17 January – Yug Times. In the Slaviansk district, a local dweller was found guilty of insulting a police officer and threatening to use violence against him. 

"It was established that on 10 March 2023, the severely intoxicated defendant was causing a nuisance in Risovy village, Slaviansk district," the joint press service of the Krasnodar region’s courts released. “A police officer arrived at the spot to calm him down, but his appearance only enraged the man. He tried to hit the policeman, but he dodged the blow. The defendant then put forth his eloquence and used offensive obscene language addressing to the officer, making a negative assessment of his personality in an indecent manner, and then which he was detained. In addition, drugs were found in the house of the rowdy.” 

According to the court’s press service, at the hearing the defendant repented of his actions, said that he realised their wrongness, expressed readiness to apologise to the police officer, and asked the court not to punish him severely. However, the judge decided to sentence the man to 3.2 years' imprisonment.

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