Krasnodar, 28 December – Yug Times. The results of the Year of Teacher and Tutor were reviewed last week in Adyghea. 

Over the past twelve months, a string of large-scale projects and programmes were implemented in the sphere of upbringing and education, and the infrastructure of many educational institutions was improved. 

For the last six years, four new schools were built in Adyghea; at present, six schools are being constructed; 17 kindergartens were built, and two are at the final stage of construction. On the basis of rural schools, 89 educational centres operate in the region, of which 25 were opened this year. Four children's technology parks and two digital technology centres are in operation. Over the past two years, 15 schools were repaired as part of the regional programme of thorough overhaul of schools, and one school as part of the state programme of complex development of rural areas. According to the Regional Head Murat Kumpilov, these figures should be increased [in the near future].

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