Krasnodar, 26 December – Yug Times. In the Kuban region, almost 250 million roubles have been allocated to develop the infrastructure of industrial parks. 

These funds were used to subsidise the costs of management companies for the development of the infrastructure and residents of the industrial park which they paid for the lease of land within the boundaries of the industrial parks. 

The money in the amount of 244.8 million roubles was provided to the management companies of two industrial parks. Now they are implementing there new investment projects aimed at creation of production facilities.

The funds were allocated from the regional budget in the form of writing off the region's debts on budget loans. The Russian Government granted that right to regions that actively develop their industrial infrastructure,” said Vice-Governor Aleksandr Ruppel. “We also reimbursed half of the costs of six residents of industrial parks paid for the lease of land within the boundaries of these territories. In total, over 1.6 million roubles were allocated to the regional industry within the framework of the sectorial state programme for the development of the region’s industry. This enabled the companies operating on industrial park sites to launch or expand production by opening new jobs.”

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