Krasnodar, 15 December – Yug Times. Kuban prosecutors have reportedly uncovered over 9,000 violations of business rights this year. In order to eliminate violations of business rights, the Kuban Prosecutor's Office has introduced more than 4,000 prosecutor's response reports. Also, the supervisory agency initiated to bring more than 300 officials to administrative responsibility and 1,280 to disciplinary responsibility. 

“At the stage of formation of the audit plan for the current year, we took into account the risk-oriented approach and the ban on audit in relation to small businesses,” the Prosecutor's Office released. “By checking the justification of the inclusion of audits in the plans for 2024, 3,700 (67%) out of the proposed 5,600 audits in relation to entrepreneurs were rejected. In 2023, the rejection figure was 44% (3,647 out of 8,270). 

The agency also rejected more than 1,300 spot audits (63%) with regard Kuban entrepreneurs. Another problem is the budget debt to businesses on state and municipal contracts. After the prosecutors’ intervention, the debts to forty business entities in the amount of 125.6 million roubles were repaid.

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