Krasnodar, 1 December – Yug Times. The Head of the Republic of Adyghea Murat Kumpilov has set tasks on implementation of measures provided by the national projects. 

Construction and reconstruction of educational facilities, health care, culture, infrastructure development within the framework of national projects – all these issues discussed at the planning meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Adyghea held in Maikop last week and chaired by Murat Kumpilov. 

Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers Anzaur Kerashev delivered the main report. In the context of municipalities, Mr. Kerashev outlined the projects which may not be completed within the planned terms. Marat Kumpilov pointed out that the responsible departments in co-operation with local authorities should ensure effective work on the implementation of measures of national projects. Mr. Kumpilov instructed to work on the transport and pedestrian accessibility of socially significant facilities: safe and high-entrances, pavements, lighting, public transport stops, etc. should be thought over at the construction stage.

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