Krasnodar, 30 November – Yug Times. The causes of the pollution of the city's water bodies are being investigated in Novorossiysk. 

In the middle of last week, laboratory specialists from the Regional Information and Analytical Centre for Environmental Monitoring arrived in Novorossiysk. 

“Samples were taken from the Ozereika River in response to the earlier information about pollution of this water body,” the City Mayor’s Office’s Press Service reported. “Also an inspector of the Ministry of Natural Resources together with executives of the Environmental Safety Department of the Audit Office, the Department of Hydraulic Structures of the Housing and Utilities Offices, and City Hall inspected the Solionoye Lake of the Sudzhuk Lagoon for the presence of foam, and repeatedly took water samples for analysis. In addition, the commission inspected the nearby enterprises that provided car washing services.” 

According to the laboratory specialists of the Regional Information and Analytical Centre for Environmental Monitoring, the results of the water analysis will be known within two weeks.

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