Krasnodar, 21 November – Yug Times. Viticulture and winemaking have reportedly become a dynamically developing competitive industry. 

The issue was discussed at a meeting of the regional Council for Promotion of Competition Development, devoted to the implementation of the respective ‘roadmap’. 

“With the adoption of new federal strategic documents, including the National Competition Development Plan for the period until 2025, we have also adjusted our approaches to the implementation of competition development policy,” said First Vice Governor Igor Galas. “At the moment, the regional plan includes sectors of the regional economy, which form more than 60 per cent of Kuban's gross regional product. They involve 71 per cent of those employed in the production sector. The remaining third of the market also stays within our field of vision, but it is the sectors dealt with in the plan that are given special attention in terms of competition development,” said Igor Galas. 

The regional roadmap includes 42 commodity markets. As of the end of nine months of 2023, its activities were fulfilled by 94.6%.

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