Krasnodar, 16 November – Yug Times.  Deputies of the regional Legislative Assembly have reportedly assessed the development of social infrastructure in Kurganinsk. 

A working group of the Kuban parliament visited the municipality last week. The working group consisted of Chairman of the Sports Committee Sergei Nosov, First Deputy Chairman Aleksandr Pogolov, and Secretary of the Committee on Agro-Industrial Complex Anton Tolstopiatov. They were accompanied by Municipality Head Andrei Vorushilin. The deputies inspected the improvement works in the municipal beach Two Sunrises. Its area is 6.6 hectares; it is equipped with sports, game and beach zones, car parks, bicycle lanes and a cleaned water body. The works are financed by funds from the national project "Housing and Urban Environment" and about 155 million roubles allocated from the regional and local budgets. 

The next point was the martial arts centre. The facility was built in Pushkin Street on the area of 1,400 square metres. Forty unarmed combat, judo, boxing, wrestling and taekwondo athletes can practise in the centre at a time.

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