Krasnodar, 26 October – Yug Times. A group of State Duma deputies from the Kuban region announced the need to increase the lifespan of small and medium-sized business enterprises. 

According to Sergei Altukhov, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma's Economic Policy Committee and a deputy from the Tuapse Constituency, the practice shows that small and middle businesses face greatest difficulties during the first years of their work, when many entrepreneurs decide to close their businesses. 

He singled out the following three priority areas of legislative activity in this area for the near future: “First of all, we need to increase the lifespan of small and midsize businesses,” he commented. “We need to expand the instruments of state support for beginning entrepreneurs, reduce their fiscal burden, and give them an opportunity to grow and expand. Almost half of small business are trade and services, which imbalance needs to be eliminated by creating incentives for the emergence of small businesses in other areas, including those that are strategically important for our economy now. It is especially important to expand the presence of small businesses for hi-tech small companies. Small business is the foundation of a strong and stable economy.”

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