Krasnodar, 19 October – Yug Times. The prices for daily rentals are reportedly growing in the Krasnodar region, following the hotel rooms’ trend. Short-term rentals are getting more and more popular every year. 

According to Aleksei Cherepakhin, the founder and general director of the Russian holiday accommodation booking service “,” the price difference between hotels and apartments is often insignificant – about 5 to 7% in favour of hotels. However, the latter sometimes organise promotions, which provide for even cheaper prices. 

The difference between the segments is not big, though all depends on the specific options and selection criteria. If hotels have a classification established by law, apartments have no classes. When choosing between a hotel in the economy segment and a flat, the latter may seem a less favourable option. However, if we consider accommodation facilities of three-star level and above, the situation changes. 

“Adler, Gelendzhik, Sirius, Anapa, Lazarevskoe, Vityazevo and Yeisk were also in high demand,” he said. 

Yuri Kuznetsov added that on average in the summer and autumn of this year, tourists booked apartments in the Krasnodar region for four days. The longest average stays were in Sochi – 5.4 and 4.6 days in the summer and autumn, respectively. 

Dmitri Bogdanov, Chairman of the Expert Council of the AMOS Association of Hoteliers, emphasised that rising prices in the rental segment had a negative impact on the lives of local population. “In Sochi, for example, due to the rising prices of apartments, it is extremely difficult, often impossible, for local residents to buy a home or rent it for a long period of time. As a consequence, the situation with personnel is very difficult. Doctors, teachers, employees of various companies cannot find housing at an adequate price," the expert said. Dmitri Bogdanov noted that in some countries the authorities were already beginning to regulate the rental segment – they prohibited shortterm rentals or introduced certain restrictions. For example, in Turkey, daily rent was simply forbidden for natural persons; similar restrictions were also introduced in Spain. The main reason for such measures was not only the growth of prices for rental housing, but also the fact that short-term renting of apartments to tourists is often more profitable. As a result, the supply of rental properties for local residents goes down, which negatively affects the development of the entire national economy. 

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