Krasnodar, 19 October – Yug Times. Paid parking spaces work in Sochi since the beginning of last week. 

The Mayor's Office announced the introduction of paid parking spaces in the Central, Adler and Khosta districts in September. It was the first stage of the city parking project. So far, more than 1000 paid parking places were defined in 16 streets. They are located along local motorways. Most of them are in the Central District. 

“The introduction of paid parking spaces will help to streamline road traffic in the city's streets and roads, and remove the chaotically parked vehicles that do not allow special vehicles to move. These measures will increase the capacity of the city’s roads and help to reduce the accident rate," emphasised Aleksandr Kulik, Director of Sochi Administration's Transport and Roads Department. The paid parking spaces will operate Monday till Friday from 8am to 8pm.

 The cost will be 100 roubles per hour in the Central District and 80 roubles per hour in Adler District. In Khosta District, the price of parking will be 48 roubles.

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