Krasnodar, 4 October – Yug Times. Several owners of land plots have reportedly lost their property because of the fraudsters. 

Five residents of Anapa aged 38 to 62 became defendants in a criminal case of fraudulent activities with real property. 

According to the investigators, the defendants who had experience in real estate transactions, acting as an organised gang under the pretext of receiving payment from the state, tried to persuade their victims to temporarily re-register their property to third parties. They assured them that this would help them receive the so-called "cadastral deduction." In fact, such payment never existed in Russia. 

“When the victims gave their consent to the transaction, they were deprived of their right to immovable property,” stated the press service of the regional police headquarters. “The organiser of the criminal group registered the immovable property on straw parties, and then he resold it. 

As a result of the unlawful activity of the criminals, 24 residents of Anapa lost their flats, houses and land plots. The total amount of losses borne by the victims exceeded 260 million roubles.

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