Krasnodar, 20 September – Yug Times. In the Kuban region, 300 lean production instructors have reportedly been trained. 

These are employees of enterprises participating in the national project “Labour Productivity”, trained with the support of experts from the Regional Competence Centre (RCC). 

“The number of schooled trainers is an indicator of the implementation of the national project, which we have achieved at an advanced pace. Today, every enterprise that implements lean technologies has their own internal specialists. They will replicate their experience and continue to build a culture of continuous improvement,” said Alexei Yurtaev, Minister of Economy of the Krasnodar region. 

Each instructor candidate underwent a 2.5 month training. The programme included online courses, seminars and training sessions on lean production tools. They also received individual assignments from RCC experts. After the completion of the training course, the students were certified according to the methodology of the Federal Competence Centre. 

“A lean production instructor is a locomotive for the development of an enterprise’s production system,” said Nikita Prusov, Head of RCC’s Labour Productivity Improvement Department.

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