Krasnodar, 1 September – Yug Times. According to the statistics published by the National Bureau of Credit Histories, the Kuban region was in third place country-wise in the number of microloans issued in July. 

In mid-summer, 107,600 microloans were issued in the Krasnodar region. This figure was outreached only in Moscow City (165,100) and the Moscow region (139,000). The Kuban region is followed by the Sverdlovsk region (102,300) and the Republic of Bashkortostan (98,400). 

At the same time, the number of payday loans issued in the Kuban region in July was lower than in June (111,000, a 3.3% decrease). A similar trend was observed in the country on the whole: in Russia in July 2023, 2.86 million microloans were issued. Compared to the previous month, it was less by 2.8% (in June 2023 – 2.95 million). The NBCH notes that the issuance of microloans decreased for the second month in a row. In contrast, the number of microloans issued in July 2023 increased slightly by 3.9 per cent compared to the same period last year.

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