Krasnodar, 16 August – Yug Times. In July, the demand for flats in newly constructed blocks in Krasnodar increased by 10%, compared with June. 

The supply in Krasnodar’s primary market increased by 2% in July 2023, a study of the Avito Real Estate platform stated. The average price of the flats did not change over that period, remaining at the level of 6.5 million roubles. 

“Against the background of exchange rates changes in July, the realty market was once again becoming one of the most reliable tools to save money, while the developers are seeking to promptly replenish their ‘showcase’ offers,” said Maria Zhiltsova, Head of Avito’s New Blocks Transaction Business Development. 

She noted that the stagnation of the average price level had probably happened due to a waitand-see attitude shown by the developers. Despite the growth in demand, mortgage rates continue to grow. At the same time, during the last period of turbulence, the developers had accumulated quite a big number of unsold flats. The expert believes that now there is an opportunity to “reduce the degree of overstocking.”

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