Krasnodar, 15 August – Yug Times. The volume of overdue mortgages for ‘secondary’ realty has reportedly amounted to 2.28 billion roubles in the Kuban region.

In January–June 2023, the portfolio of overdue mortgage loans in the secondary housing market increased by 16.6% (+325 million roubles) in Krasnodar Krai. By the maximum absolute growth of overdue mortgage debts, the Krasnodar region topped the national list, states a report released by analysts of the Debt Consultant Collection Agency, based on data presented by the Bank of Russia.

In total nation-wise, during the first half of 2023, the portfolio of overdue mortgages in the secondary market increased by almost 1 billion roubles. At the same time, during the previous six months it had grown by 200 million roubles only. The situation started to worsen with the end of the “credit holidays” issued in autumn 2022, the transfer of housing projects under construction into a portfolio of overdue loans, and fluctuations in property prices.

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