03 Августа 2023

Loans with Severe Consequences

Источник фото:  krd.ru

Krasnodar, 3 August – Yug Times. Over the last six months, the Bank of Russia has identified three financial pyramids and 12 “black” lenders in the Krasnodar region. The most widespread scheme was as follows: the consumers were misled by signposting words such as “pawnshop,” “commission shop,” or “buy-ups” in various combinations. 

“By documents, it is a commission shop, i.e. an organisation that is not subject to supervision by the Bank of Russia, but in fact it works as a pawnshop – gives out loans against security of movable property,” the Bank’s press service explains. “Going to such pseudo-pawnshops is fraught with violation of consumer rights, loss of property and money.” “This year, we revealed such an example in the Kuban region: some persons were offered to become members of a closed club for a certain amount of money, so that they would be able to invest in the purchase of flats, land, and cryptocurrency,” she said. “They promised a passive income of 10–15% per month and fortnightly payments. Of course, the organiser of the pyramid scheme was not going to pay any dividends to its followers.”

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