13 Июля 2023

Summer without Animating Moisture

Источник фото: admkrai.krasnodar.ru

Krasnodar, 13 July – Yug Times. Goriachy Kluch is looking for the ways to solve the problem of water supply to residents. 

At the end of June, two water intake wells in the town failed, which led to a shortage of water in the storage tanks and made it difficult to distribute it to consumers in the required volume. Earlier this week, Vice Governor Andrei Proshunin inspected the municipality. 

“In the summer, the municipality experiences a peculiar load on its networks. The local terrain aggravates the situation. Drilling of new wells started on the second of July. For this period, a special water supply schedule to neighbourhoods and quarters located in the lowland and foothill parts of the city was introduced,” said Vice Governor. 

Andrei Proshunin together with Goriachy Kluch Mayor Sergei Belopolsky inspected the main water supply facilities. 

“Now the city lacks about 100 cubic metres of water per hour. To solve the problem, in the near future two wells will be re-drilled, and by the end of the year two more will be repaired. Sixteen vehicles from various parts of the Krasnodar region are now supplying local residents with potable water. We are manually adjusting the water supply scheme so that it reaches people who live on the mountain streets,” reported Sergei Belopolsky.

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