Krasnodar, 30 June – Yug Times. Our today’s interviewee is Vice Governor of Krasnodar Krai, Ataman of the Kuban Cossack Host Aleksandr Vlasov. 

Q.: Today, the Kuban Cossack Host is considered one of the best in Russia. In your opinion, why is it so? 

A.: The contemporary Kuban Cossacks have proved their ability to faithfully serve their fatherland. Big work is carried out in all directions of development of the Cossack movement. I would like to note that at the end of 2022, the Krasnodar region topped the rating of Russian regions with a population of over three million people that participated in the implementation of the State Policy Strategy for Russian Cossacks. We have the biggest number of Cossack communities among all Russian regions, and our Cossacks are engaged in most variegated works.We also help to open museum rooms, “Places of Heroes,” memorial plaques and stands dedicated to the Cossacks in educational institutions. 

We honour the memory of our ancestors and current heroes, and are engaged in patriotic education of the younger generation. Every year we hold commemorations dedicated to the Cossacks who died defending their homeland in different periods of history and during the years of persecution. Without the memory of the past, there is no future, and at the same time we educate Cossack youth on heroic examples of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers, and preserve and popularise historical and cultural traditions of Kuban Cossacks. 

Q.: Which Cossack communities take the lead in the Krasnodar region? 

A.: Everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of the Cossacks and the homeland, who cherishes our traditions, history and culture, contributes to our common achievements. All we do is a team effort. The Kuban Cossack Host is getting stronger and developing actively in all directions; a new generation of Kuban Cossacks is growing – strong, educated, ready to stand up for their spiritual values, loyal and devoted to their fatherland. Last year, we reviewed our results on a number of criteria among the Cossack units, and the top three were the Taman, Kavkazsky and Yeisk units. This year’s results will be reviewed in December, at the reporting meeting of the Kuban Cossack Host’s Ataman.

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