Krasnodar, 30 June – Yug Times.  Sochi plans to assign 43.5 billion roubles for the development of social facilities over the next three years. This year, 68 social facilities of different kind – education, healthcare, physical culture and sports, culture, and housing – are to be built in Sochi. 

The plans for this year include design and construction of 16 secondary schools for 13,050 student seats. At present, six schools are being built, with three more designed. There are plans to start the construction of ten more schools in 2023–2024. By 2026, ten kindergartens for 1,760 children are to appear in the resort city. Nine new sports facilities may be built in Sochi over this period of time. As for the health care sector, general practitioner offices are being designed in some remote areas of the city, in the villages of Kashtany, Krasnaya Volia and Verkhny Yurt, which will ensure availability of medical services to local population. The construction works will start in 2024.

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