Krasnodar, 9 June – Yug Times. The all-Russia Children’s Centre “Smena” celebrates the 38th birthday. 

The grandiose feast united 1,200 children from many Russian regions, partners and friends of the Centre. 

“‘Smena’ is one of Russia’s advanced educational centre, where children have for 38 years been studying, finding new friends and honouring traditions.” said First Deputy Minister of Education Aleksandr Bugaev. “The unique experience received by participants of authorships and partnerships contributes to their personal and professional advancement. The Centre contributes a lot to the development of children’s recreation and supplementary education in our country.” 

“Despite its mature age, Smena, like a child, still believes in the reality of miracles, takes on large-scale projects with a youthful fervour, and is not afraid to change for the sake of the children,” noted Igor Zhuravlev, Director of the Smena Children’s Centre.

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