Krasnodar, 8 June – Yug Times. Three new schools will reportedly be built in the Krasnodar region as part of a public-private partnership. 

The schools will be built in Anapa, Novorossiysk and Armavir. 

“Thanks to the state programme ‘Development of Education’ and application of the concession mechanism, the spot load on the regional budgets has been significantly reduced, and the number of new schools has increased,” said Alisa Denisova, General Director of ProShkola, executive director of the VEB.RF Business Unit. “Upon commissioning, the newly-built facility is registered as owned by a public authority, and the money invested is reimbursed to the banks within 10-15 years at the expense of the regional and the federal budgets. Until the concession is completed, ProSchool maintains and operates the facility, and undertakes to develop the supplemental education segment in agreement with the regional authorities.” The facilities are. 

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