Krasnodar, 7 June – Yug Times. Industrial production in the Krasnodar region reportedly increased by 10.6% during the first four months of this year. 

The processing industry also grew by 12.6%, and food production by 13.9%. The greatest growth in the food industry was shown by canned fish (+38.6%), vegetable oils (+47.3%), cream (+21.2%), canned fruits and vegetables (+34.2%), cereal and potatoes-based baby food (1.8 times), frozen fish (2 times), frozen vegetables and mushrooms (3.6 times) and dry cereals (8.6 times). 

“The biggest drop was observed in production of condensed milk products (-12.6%), semi- or fully-husked, brown or crushed rice (-10.2%), prefabricated meats, meat-based, chilled or frozen semi-finished products (-9.8%), pastas and similar cereal products (-9.2%), vegetable and other vegetable mixes (-8.4%), and sausages (-8%), Krasnodar Statistical Agency reported. 

As for the other manufacturing activities, it is noteworthy to distinguish the production of footwear (a 34.4% growth).

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