06 Июня 2023

An Alternative Way to Sea

Источник фото: sochi.ru

Krasnodar, 6 June – Yug Times. The issue of construction of a highway from Goryachi Kluch to Adler Airport was discussed at the Road Initiatives Forum held in Sochi last week. 

The implementation of this project, called the Southern Cluster, will reduce the travel time from Goryachi Kluch to Sochi by more than three times. 

This year, the work has already started on the first section – the Adler bypass. When completed, it will make it possible to divert up to 22% of the traffic and redistribute the traffic flows, reducing the congestion of the Adler Ring Road. The section is to be completed in 2026. Aleksei Yurtayev, Minister of Economics of the Kuban region, said at the forum that maintenance and further development of the highway network is a top priority for the region. 

“As economists, we look at the Southern Cluster from the viewpoint of its effects for the region. Over the next ten years, we expect the investment growth of two to three trillion roubles just owing to this highway. Once it is commissioned, we expect the number of tourists to increase to 25 million people per year,” he said. 

The 152.3-km long four-lane road will bypass the coastline and the city boundaries. Three urban bypasses will be constructed as part of the project: the third phase of the Sochi bypass, the Tuapse bypass and the Lazarevsky bypass.

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