02 Июня 2023

Igor Zhuravlev: “We Have an Ambitious Upgrading Plan for the Centre’s Campus”

Источник фото: : пресс-служба ВДЦ «Смена»

Krasnodar, 2 JuneOur today’s interviewee is Igor Zhuravlev, Director of the All-Russian Children’s Centre “Smena.” 

Q.: What is the programme of the Centre for the upcoming summer? 

A.: In the framework of the first summer session, we will have the ‘Wind Session,’ the first all-Russian festival of children’s wind and percussion instruments. We will receive best wind and percussion players from all over Russia which will perform as a large combined orchestra. Together with them, the summer session will be opened by young circus performers. We will hold the first festival ‘The Road to Circus’ for the winners of national and international circus competitions Besides, we are planning new vocation-oriented sessions, for instance, ‘Young Geologists’ Session’ in August. 

Q.: What are the most sought-after summer sessions? 

A.: Among the educational programmes, I can distinguish the ‘Summer Children’s Film Academy.’ This project has been implemented since 2016, and is extremely popular among kids. For three weeks, our visitors will be taught by famous film directors, actors and producers how to shoot films. They will be writing scripts and cut and edit pictures. 

Q.: This summer, the Smena will be opened not only for schoolchildren, but also for university students… 

A.: Yes, we began to work on it at the beginning of the year. We have opened a new educational camp ‘Professium’ whose curriculum is aimed at development of flexible skills and vocational practice. The students will teach their younger colleagues industrial safety procedures, introduce them to working equipment, and help develop projects. 

Q.: What will be the programme for children who dream to become teachers? 

A.: This year is the Year of Teacher and Tutor, and we have prepared a special programme for our guests. For the students of teacher-training colleges, the tent camp ‘Tutor’ will be opened in Tekos village. Upon acquiring the educational curriculum, future teachers will be able to shape touristic and local lore skills.

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