25 Мая 2021

Subsidies Whip Up Growth

Krasnodar, 25 Мау. In 2020, the production of mechanical equipment in Krasnodar krai grew by 5.6%. The figure was made public at a session of the working team on development of metallurgy, metal-working, and machine-building industries held at a new trading venue of a regional manufacturer of equipment for catering facilities. The event was chaired by Vice Governor Aleksandr Ruppel who was quoted as saying that the machine-building industry was defined as a priority task in the regional strategy of socio-economic development. A number of governmental support measures, including subsidies and soft loan programs, have been developed to support this strategy. 

“Efficient support measures were created owing to a close cooperation with the business circles. These measures are highly appreciated by the market and are positively reflected on economic indicators. Since 2020, a special program of demand stimulation and rejuvenation of key assets works in the region. About 60 million roubles have already been spent in the framework of this program, with 80 million to be spent this year,” Mr. Ruppel said.

The authorities are confident that the growth was stimulated by the regional support measures.

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