Krasnodar, 19 Мау. The Municipal Management Centre has reportedly opened in Sochi. 

The Centre will unite all digital systems of the resort city and facilitate the collection of complaints, proposals and messages from citizens coming from different open sources to have them promptly considered and a respective decision taken. The Centre will be considering everything – from official appeals to municipal authorities to posts or comments in social networks. 

The upgraded message treatment system will take the work with Kuban citizens to a new level, result in the development and launch of new digital services and timely tracing of conflicts and errors happened while communicating with local dwellers and visitors of the city. 

“The Municipal Management Centre will serve to build up the communication so that the time between the occurrence of a problem and the moment when the troubleshooter has learnt of it be dramatically reduced,” Yuri Shevchenko, Director of the Regional Management Centre, explained.

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