Krasnodar, 5 February. Last year, the Kuban region exported 9,400 tons of confectionery goods.
According to Vice Governor Andrei Korobka, since 2015 Kuban manufacturers have increased the exports of these products – mostly, marmalade, marshmallow, crispbread, waffles and caramel – by 1.5 times. “In money terms, the volumes of their export deliveries grew from USD 6.5 million in 2015 up to USD 10.9 million in 2020,” Mr. Korobka said.

Presently, Kuban confectionery is exported to 17 countries, mostly to China, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Uzbekistan. Besides, the manufacturers are analysing the new markets to expand the list of potential export destinations. “Individual work is done with every exporting enterprise. Presently one of our confectioneries has good prospects to get a foot hold in the Mongolian market – first lots of Kuban confectionery went there in the end of last year. We together with the Russian Export Centre will provide every possible assistance to turn it into a long-term cooperation.”

The plans are to increase exports of confectionery up to USD 218 million by 2024.

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