Krasnodar, 26 November. 6+ On November 28, Krasnodar will be hosting the 4th forum of urban communities “Live frame of a city. Strategies and technologies of a green city.” 

The Help Your City public campaign unites on online platform more than 5,500 Krasnodar citizens. The communities are working to resolve the problems of their territories and their development. The public campaign has accumulated big experience over the six years of its work, and now its activists want to share it with active citizens. The organizers are sure that this is how they will be able to attract more local people to productive work for the benefit of their city. 

The participants of the forum will discuss how active citizens may participate in the implementation of the city development plan when it comes to establishing public green areas and developing the green strategy for the city. They will also explain when the strategy on development of 460 new public parks and gardens will appear as it is stipulated in the development plan, and who will be working on this strategy.

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