Krasnodar, 18 November. Over the past ten months, 8,202 Kuban families received notifications of maternity capital. By now, nearly four thousand families have used the money, either fully or partially. “Most of the recipients, 70%, have used the money to improve their housing conditions; 27% – to pay for their children’s education; 3% – to install natural gas service to their homes,” the regional Ministry of Labour and Social Development announced. 

In Krasnodar krai, maternity capital is dispensed to a family after the birth or adoption of the third or subsequent child. Its amount in 2020 equals to 129,342 roubles. 

On the whole, 33,300 Kuban families have received the governmental support after the birth of the third or subsequent child. The monthly allowance for the third or subsequent child equals to 10,766 roubles. A family is deemed qualified for this allowance provided its per capita income does not exceed one and a half minimum subsistence amounts (now 18,045 roubles per capita).

 The aggregate amount of the subsidies to be used in the context of the national project “Demography” in Krasnodar krai will reportedly exceed 12.8 billion roubles.

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