Krasnodar, 13 November. Krasnodar krai has reportedly increased milk and meat exports by 48%, compared to the yearly plan. It was achieved, in particular, due to the growing export deliveries of poultry, mainly to China, Vice Governor Andrei Korobka announced. 

The regional authorities are planning to increase the stock-raising exports from 26 million roubles p to USD 27 million by 2024, taking benefit of the national project “International cooperation and export.” 

“As on mid-October, we had exported agricultural products to the total amount of USD 1.9 billion, or 76% of the yearly plan. At the same time, the target had been beaten in a number of positions: for instance, the exports of meat and dairy products had soared to USD 10 million, or 47.6% above the plan (up to USD 31 million). In particular, what grew up significantly this year was export of poultry meat, mainly to China,” Mr. Korobka said. The region’s yearly plan for agricultural products exceeds USD 2.5 billion. According to Mr. Korobka, agricultural products are exported by more than sixty Kuban companies.

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