Krasnodar, 12 November. The city of Goriachy Kluch will reportedly get a subsidy to help repay the accumulated debt for natural gas. 

According to a resolution signed by Kuban Governor Veniamin Kondratiev, seven million roubles will be assigned for this purpose from the regional Reserve Fund. 

The problem of growing debts for public utilities was a discussion point of a business meeting chaired by City Mayor Aleksandr Kilgankin and Deputy Mayor in charge of public utilities Anton Falkov. The meeting was attended by the directors of utility providers and apartment managment companies. 

“A year has passed since we got money from the regional budget to cover the debt to Mezhregiongaz [the gas supplier]. Currently, on the eve of a new cold season, both people’s and managing companies’ debts are growing again. The sum has reached 11 million roubles. And again we are applying for a subsidy. It is unacceptable to keep sitting doing nothing and just constantly leaning on the regional help,” Mr. Kilgankin said.

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