Krasnodar, 15 October. 6+ Last week, Gelendzik for the first time hosted a student sailing sport festival. 

The 2020 Cup of the Student Sailing League is a multistage championship held in various regions. This year, the six stages of the competition were held in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Gelendzhik, Nizhny Novgorod, and Rostov-on-Don. It was the Black Sea Association of Yachting Tourism and Sport and the Young Leaders of the Future project that proposed to hold the competition in Gelendzhik. The festival was organized in the framework of the federal project, Sport as Life Standard. 

The competition of mX700 monotype yachts was hosted by the Navetru Sailing Club. These yachts are developed and manufactured with the use of state-of-the-art technologies that have not been used in Russia before. The festival was held as a fleet race with changes in the waters of Gelendzhik Harbour, which allowed all spectators and fans that came to support their teams follow the entire event.

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