Krasnodar, 17 July. Krasnodar krai reportedly entered the list of the regions showing the largest average sum of car credits dispensed in May 2020. 

The Kuban region outstripped Leningrad oblast. At the same time, the number of average credits in May fell compared to April by 3.5%. 

“The quarantine measures introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic began to lessen gradually in a number of Russian regions in May,” Aleksandr Vikulin, Director General of the National Bureau of Credit Histories, stated. “Correspondingly, the number of issued car credits fell in May less than by 50%, whereas in April it fell by more than 80%. A certain growth of the average sum of a car credit was linked with some activity in car crediting in the regions that introduced relatively ‘soft’ constraints. On the other hand, in most credit-active regions where the average sum of a credit was traditionally high, the quarantine remained tough and the number of issued credits fell most drastically.”

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