09 Июля 2020

Time for Hike Tours

Krasnodar, 9 July. The season of walking tours has reportedly begun in the mountain cluster of Sochi. 

The hiking tours have opened at all three alpine resorts and the Caucasian Biosphere Resort. The tourists will be visiting waterfalls, relic trees, alpine meadows with unique endemic plants and endangered flowers. The resorts also offer special Health Paths with small elevation differences. Altogether, over 40 km of walking routes have been prepared for the hikers in the new season. 

“Hiking tours from Krasnaya Poliana are popular among our visitors. The tourists combine recreation at the seaside with hikes in the mountains of the Caucasian Reserve. In the new season, the skiing resorts have improved their infrastructure and opened new routes and educational trails for its visitors. All of them are safe,” Svetlana Batiaikina, Director of the city Department for Resort and Tourism, noted. 

The Caucasian State Nature Biosphere Reserve has also partially opened routes for summer walking tours.

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