Krasnodar, 2 July. According to the National Bureau of Credit Histories, the average amount of consumer bank credits in Krasnodar krai lowered by 26.2% in May.

The average total of a bank loan had reportedly fallen from 244,229 roubles in April down to 180,244 roubles in May. The average amount of the issued credits had dropped faster in the Kuban region than in other 30 Russian regions reviewed by the experts.

“The conventional consumer crediting activity nearly came to a halt in April,” Aleksandr Vikulin of the National Bureau of Credit Histories commented. “This was why, the banks were issuing credits only to the persons whom they knew as having a high index of personal credit rating. Usually banks would delegate more significant sums to such clients. In May, consumer crediting began to revive, people ‘from the street’ headed for the banks, which ultimately affected the average sum of the credits urging them to gradually return back to the ‘pre-quarantine’ levels.”

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