Krasnodar, 30 June. Krasnodar krai has reported about the fulfilment of the yearly task on rehousing the dwellers of dilapidated and substandard houses in the framework of a national project. 

The issue of substandard dwellings and houses subject for demolition was raised during the personal reception of citizens held by Vladimir Ustinov, Presidential Plenipotentiary in the Southern Federal District. Kuban Governor Veniamin Kondratiev who took part in the event noted that rehousing of substandard accommodation proceeds at a good pace. Last year, the plan of the national project “Accommodation and urban environment” was overfulfilled – 525 persons were rehoused against 40 according to the plan.

“We intend to rehouse more this year. The task set forth by the national project – 250 persons – has already been fulfilled. Now we are working on rehousing 483 residents,” Mr. Kondratiev said. 

Mr. Ustinov wondered when the issue of rehousing the block of flats at 17, Bakinskaya street in the village of Saratovskaya will be resolved. The problem was raised by a local dweller during the reception. She said that the building was erected in 1956 and now it is unsafe for living. Mr. Kondratiev said that the block has already been put on the list of the regional subproject of the national project “Accommodation and urban environment.”

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