Krasnodar, 5 June. A recent inspection performed by the all-Russia Consumers Union “Roskontrol” experts showed that the level of dimethoate in the Red Delicious apples selling by Auchan was beyond the maximum safe level. Roskontrol asserts that the fruit were grown in Adyghea by Agro Tsentr LLC, and supplied by Antares LLC. 

According to Artem Dzitiev, Agro Tsentr Director, quoted by Adyghea Today information agency, it is unlikely that the said products had been produced by his company, because this year’s deliveries had not yet begun, whereas last year’s deliveries had stopped on December 20, 2019. The inspection was conducted from March 2 till March 20, 2020. Even assuming that these were apples harvested in 2019 they could not have been stored for 2.5 months, because Antares did not have the required facilities. Mr. Dzitiev argues that the reviewed apples must have been produced under his company’s (Agro Tsentr) brand by somebody else.

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