Krasnodar, 7 May. Matsesta Tea Factory has concluded a contract with a distributing company on export of its product to Serbia. 

The first export batch will consists of ten SKUs of whole-leaf and bagged black and green tea of Krasnodarsky and Matsesta Tea brands. According to the regional Ministry of Agriculture and Processing Industry, Serbian consumers are quite loyal to Russian products, which was why the Russian inscription on the label was left without translation. Most of the batch is a souvenir product that features views of Sochi and Krasnodar. Besides, the delivery will include tea-and-herb blends, which are much sought-after in the Serbian market. 

The products of Matsesta Tea Factory will be selling in major retail chains in eight Serbian cities. The parties to the contract announced that they plan to be gradually increasing the delivery volumes. 

The manufacture of high-quality tea in southern Russia seems to have a nice export potential, in addition to being a serious step in imports substitution in the tea market.

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