Krasnodar, 1 April. Krasnodar krai reportedly proceeds with shifting to a new system of treating solid household wastes. 

For instance, the landfill site in Korenovsk rayon undergoes reconstruction: it will be brought to the required standards of sanitary and environmental security to become qualified to receive the Rosprirodnadzor’s (the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources’) licence and become officially involved in wastes reception. 

The respective protocol of intentions in the investments sphere has been signed between the administration of Korenovsk municipality and Eco Holding LLC. 

According to the document, the investor will invest over 530 million roubles in the reconstruction of the landfill. The project provides for the construction of a waste sorting line and fence, and establish the required sanitary protection zone. 

The works will last for eight months. 

Apart from the Korenovsk site, there are other landfills in Krasnodar krai designated for reconstruction, and plans to build a number of waste-processing plants. 

The regional budget has allocated 200 million roubles for the liquidation of old landfills.

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