Krasnodar, 7 January – Yug Times. Over thirty road objects are to be built or reconstructed in Krasnodar krai (region) this year. 

According to Governor Veniamin Kondratiev, owing to the efficient budgetary policy, the emphasis will be put on construction of new highways, bridges, overpasses and overground pedestrian crossings rather than repairs of the existing ones. The works will be paid for from the 32.4-billion-rouble strong Regional Road Fund. 

“Because of the increased traffic towards Crimea and due to the introduction of turnpikes along the [M4 Don] federal highway, the load on regional motorways has increased,” he noted. “This was why it was decided to modernise the alternative routes towards the Crimean Bridge.” 

The works scheduled for 2020 include, among others, the construction of a detour of Timashevsk and Leningradskaya. Another plan is to reconstruct the sector of the Krasnodar – Yeisk motorway from the border between Dinskoi and Timashevsk rayons to Medvedovskaya – it will become a four-lane highway.

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