Krasnodar, 25 December – Yug Times. The Kuban capital has reportedly hosted a roundtable “Krasnodar. Development” held to discuss a series of urban projects.

The discussion was attended by Mayor Yevgeni Pervyshov, journalists, urban specialists, and events organisers. One of the issues discussed at the meeting was further development of the 30th Anniversary of Great Victory Park and construction of a state-ofthe-art waterpark in its territory. Mr. Pervyshov assured the attendees that the construction works will begin in 2020, according to the agreement signed at the Sochi Investment Forum.

“The City Duma has taken a decision to change the permitted land use for this plot,” he said. “Earlier it used to be earmarked for a highrise construction project.” Mr. Pervyshov also reported on the work aimed to improve the traffic situation near the FC Krasnodar Stadium.

The regional and the city administrations are jointly planning to build a new road to connect Tokhoretskaya street with the M-4 Don Highway, with a flyover to Novorossiyskaya street.

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