11 Декабря 2019

Constructors of Fraud

Krasnodar, 11 December – Yug Times. About 97% of cyber crimes in Russia are performed with the help of social engineering techniques. Using different psychological methods and tricks, swindlers delude their victims into giving them access to their money. The main task of computer cheats is to create a stress situation. Trying to mislead their victim, they address them by full name and quite often know the number and expiry date of their bank card. According to the Southern directorate of the Bank of Russia, these data can be obtained from open sources, for instance from social networks, and with the help of fishing.

One of the latest trends is calling from as if bank’s phone numbers to request to install ‘protection’ software and put money on ‘a safe account’, or to learn the data of the person’s account and profile. These data are then used as payment means for online-shops.

Commenting on this situation, Viktoria Aleksandrova, Raiffeisenbank’s cards and acquiring operations department head, said that “in 2019, CNP-transactions and social engineering became the main trend of [bank] card frauds, to a great extent owing to the fact that swindlers adapt their tactics very fast - say, they ask not to pronounce a one-time password but to install software on the [victim’s] telephone.”

Maksim Fediushkin, Kaspersky fraud prevention manager, says that “banks constantly update the existing rules and algorithms to be able to resist new approaches in social engineering. However the criminals are very inventive, so that it is only the user who can utterly resist them - it is enough to act more consciously and treat with skepticism all messages and incoming calls.”

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